Sandwiched Between Your Wife And Her Brother

| UK | Related | March 1, 2017

(I have only been at this job a couple of weeks. I have just served a customer who asked for a plain chicken sandwich.)

Customer: “Excuse me, there’s no sauce!”

Me: *looking at receipt* “You asked for a plain sandwich.”

Customer: “Yes, which comes with sauce!”

Me: *not convinced but just going along with it* “Oh? I’m sorry. I’ll be more than happy to add—”

Customer: “Make me a new sandwich, and this time, MAKE IT RIGHT!”

(I proceed to remake his sandwich, while he is holding the original.)

Me: “Which sauce would you like, sir?”

Customer: “What’s your name?”

Me: “[My Name].”

Customer: “Well, [My Name].” *while using air quotes* “Could you get the owner, please?”

Me: “Sure. Is there a particular reason why you want them?”

Customer: “JUST GET HIM!”

(I call the owner down. The owner doesn’t even acknowledge me on seeing the customer.)

Owner: “Ah, [Customer]. What appears to be the problem?”

Customer: “This—”

Owner: “A sandwich?”

Customer: “Yes; this—”

Owner: “Sauce? You know you have ask, remember?”

Customer: “Yes, well—”

Owner: “Were you wanting two?”

Customer: “No…”

Owner: “I assume you want [Specialty Sauce]?”

(The owner finishes the customer’s sandwich and takes the old one. Once the customer leaves he turns to me.)

Owner: “Here. On the house. In the future, if you see him just call me immediately.”

Me: “Does he do that a lot?”

Owner: “Every time he sees someone new in the window. I offered him a job against my better judgement, and he refused to comply with anyone’s orders. He’s been ever so spiteful since letting him go. I’ll be getting a call from his wife next.”

Me: “You know him personally?”

Owner: “Why else do you think I hired him? He’s my brother-in-law!”

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