Sandwich Making On The Fly

| Romantic | July 30, 2013

(It’s is about 1:30 am. My boyfriend and I are cuddling in bed and a fly is buzzing around. I’m feeling lazy and I’m barely noticing it, until my boyfriend sits up suddenly like he’s heard a noise.)

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Boyfriend: “Shhhhh…”


Me: “Erm…”

Boyfriend: “Shhhhh!”

(I’m imagining the worst possible scenario when all of a sudden he looks at me, bewildered.)

Boyfriend: “Was that the fly?”

Me: “What??

Boyfriend: “That noise? Did that fly just throw himself onto the lamp and die? That lamp gets pretty hot! Maybe he fried himself!”

(He bolts upright and goes to investigate.)

Boyfriend: *relieved* “Ah no, he’s alright. Want a sandwich?”

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