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Same-Sex Of Humor

| Romantic | May 26, 2014

(I am in a same-sex relationship and have just applied for a teaching job at a private Catholic high school in my area. While I am a confirmed Catholic, I’m researching whether or not I can be open about my sexuality should I work at the school. I find the student handbook and stumble across the dress code.)

Me: “Huh. I guess that male students have to be clean-shaven. They’re allowed sideburns, but only above the ear.”

(My girlfriend is out of the room as I announce this, so I just assume she hasn’t heard me until she walks back in.)

Girlfriend: “So I heard a little bit of what you were saying. That must mean you’d have to be out if you taught there.”

Me: “Wait, what do you mean I’d have to be out? What are you talking about?”

Girlfriend: “Well, you can’t have a beard!”

(I proceeded to put my face in my hands as my girlfriend gleefully cavorted around the apartment, extremely proud of her joke.)

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