Same Difference

| Right | November 5, 2011

(We have an offer on in store: buy one backpack, get another backpack free. A customer comes to me to pay for one backpack and a pair of shoes.)

Me: “Sorry, but the promotion only works when you buy two backpacks. You will then get one of them free.”

Customer: “Oh, I see. So it’s just backpacks…just backpacks…just backpacks…backpacks.”

(The customer wanders off, presumably in search of another backpack. She eventually returns.)

Customer: “This, please.” *shows me a belt*

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, the belt isn’t in the deal.”

Customer: “But I’m buying a backpack…A BACKPACK! You said it was free with a backpack!”

Me: “I’m sorry. What I meant was that you can get a free backpack with your other backpack.”

Customer: “Oh, okay.”

(The customer wanders off again, and once again returns with a new item.)

Customer: “I’ll just take these, then.” *shows me a pair of shoes*

Me: “Those aren’t in the deal either, I’m afraid. It’s only backpacks.”

Customer: “But it’s two of the same! You said they had to be the same!”

(After going back and forth for another 5 minutes, I finally take her to pick out a backpack, specifically. She pays and leaves, still mumbling about “two of the same”.)

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