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Same Cast, Different Script

| Working | March 28, 2016

(I have gotten a cast due to a broken wrist. It is too tight and the doctor is closed so we go to the ER. Note: I am 14.)

Doctor #1: “I don’t want to redo the cast so I’ll just loosen it.”

Mother: “It’s really hurting her. Are you sure you can’t just humor me and redo it?”

Doctor #1: “She’ll be fine! She’s just not used to a cast!”

(One week later, my cast hand is numb, white, cold, and I can’t feel it. Again we go back.)

Doctor #1: “She’s fine. I don’t see a problem.”

Mother: “Her hand is cold and swollen! I can see a problem!”

Doctor #1: “I’ll loosen the cast but I’m not doing another!”

(The head nurse comes in along with a different doctor…)

Nurse: “Hi, sweetie—” *looks at hand* “—OH, MY GOD! HER HAND IS AWFUL!”

Doctor #2: “Take this cast off NOW!”

Me and Mother: “YES, PLEASE!”

(Doctor #1 does so… Lo and behold, my hand is better.)

Doctor #1: “Oh, I thought you were faking. Never mind, then.”

(Doctor #1 walked off, leaving my mother, nurse, and me speechless.)

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