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Sam And Dean Save The Day Again

| Romantic | October 25, 2012

(My boyfriend and I attend the same university, but we have different majors. Therefore, our exam schedules are completely different. I have a bunch of midterms while he has only a few assignments. Since he knows I haven’t had the opportunity to buy groceries with all my exams happening, he offers to get me what I need on his grocery run. We’re both TV junkies, and he’s just gotten me into a new series.)

Boyfriend: *text* “Hey, send me a list of things you need. I’ll pick them up for you.”

(I list off some food essentials I need.)

Boyfriend: “Anything else?”

Me: *joking* “Seasons 4-6 of Supernatural. 3 too if you can find it, between the breads and coconut juice.”

Boyfriend: “You mean on DVD?”

Me: “Yup yup. Garnished with all the extras on top too please!”

Boyfriend: “I’ll see what I can do…”

(Later, when we meet up after a rather stressful exam to grab my groceries, he tells me he got everything and that he’s pretty sure the TV season is at the bottom of the bag. I figure he’s joking along until I see he’s actually serious. I nearly rip apart the bag in the process of getting to the bottom to find that he actually DID buy one of the seasons!)

Me: *absolutely speechless* “I was kidding!”

Boyfriend: “I know, but you’ve been working so hard lately, under a lot of stress and yet still try and make time to spend with me. I figured you deserved something that would brighten your day.”

(He was right. It was the nicest surprise I’d ever gotten, and totally made my day!)

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