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Salesman, Know Thy Client

, , , , , | Working | November 3, 2020

When it comes time to buy my first car, I am nineteen, have been working since I was fifteen, and have three-quarters of the payment in cash ready to go. My mum and I go to the car dealership. The car dealer assumes that she is going to be paying for the car and proceeds to pretty much ignore me.

He directs all his questions to my mum, asking her about warranties, leather seats, GPS, etc., while I have a look at the car itself and some pamphlets. I am happy for my mum to interrogate him about features while I just listen in and ask a couple of questions, but the guy’s faux pas happens while we are sitting down making small talk and filling out paperwork.

Car Dealer: “You know, I find it’s always girl drivers who get their license late!”

I am a year and a half older than the age when you can get your license in Australia; I couldn’t reach the 120 hours required before then.

Car Dealer: *To my mum* “Your daughter is getting it later than most but I find it always the girl drivers who get theirs late.”

The guy continues in this vein for a while. My mum and I are side-eyeing each other a bit at this point. The guy has pretty much ignored me in favour of my mum, and now he’s brought up how late I got my license, in a very generalising and kind of insulting way.

Car Dealer: “So, how are you planning on paying for the car?”

He looks at my mum.

Mum: “Don’t ask me; she’s the one paying for it!”

His face was hilarious as he finally started paying attention to me.

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