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Sale Right Through

| Working | December 22, 2016

(It’s three days before Christmas and I’m helping my friend shop for presents for our other friends. We find a display with some great gifts on it advertised as 3/$10 but we can’t tell which items the sale applies to so we take it up front to ask.)

Friend: “Excuse me. The sign says the gifts on the stand are 3/$10 but the price check hasn’t identified any of these items as being part of the sale. Which items was the sign referring to?”

Employee: “Let me see.”

(She then proceeds to look at the items and the price checker for us.)

Employee: “It seems like none of these are 3/$10. Honestly that is probably an old sale sign.”

Friend: “Thank you. I guess we will keep shopping, then.”

(We turn around to put the items back when the employee suddenly calls us back.)

Employee: “Hang on. What did you say the sign said they were supposed to be?”

Friend: “Three for $10.”

Employee: “I’ll tell you what. I’ll give them to you for the sale price even if they don’t ring up that way.”

Friend: “Oh, my God! Thank you. That is so nice of you and I really appreciate it.”

Employee: “It is no problem. I’ve seen so many rude customers and people demanding I change prices lately. You did none of that and were really polite so it’s the least I can do.”

(To that kind employee, thank you. You really made our night and reminded us that sometimes being nice really does get you a lot further than being rude.)

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