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Sale Fail

| Right | May 22, 2016

(I work on the customer service desk of a large retail store and we are getting ready for a sale.)

Customer: “Can you price check this for me?”

Me: “It’s £3, as it says on the label.”

Customer: “But there’s a mark on the back. That means it’s in the sale.”

Me: “It has been marked to identify it as sale, which starts tomorrow.”

Customer: “But it’s over there, on that rail with other items. That means it’s on sale.”

Me: “We have to start rearranging the store two days before the sale starts as we have a lot of stock and it can’t be done in one day.”

Customer: “But if it’s there then I should be able to buy it now at sale price.”

Me: “No. Nothing is marked up at sale price and there are no signs stating it is sale.”

Customer: “So I can’t buy it now? But if I came back at eight pm could I buy it then?”

Me: “No. We would be shutting, and as I have explained the sale starts tomorrow.”

Customer: “But I don’t know what I am doing tomorrow.”

Me: “We open at six am if that’s any help!”

Customer: “Well, I might be back.”

(She then walked off. I love how some customers think they can change the rules to suit themselves.)

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