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Sale Fail, Part 7

, , , | Right | October 30, 2020

I work for a local auto group that has several stores in our metro area. Each store has its different new vehicles that they sell, but if need be, we can sell a pre-owned vehicle at another store owned by our auto group. Our stores are all several miles apart.

A customer has come in with a one-year-old car that has been damaged in an accident. She is considering trading the car in. We appraise the vehicle in its current condition and will give her a decent amount for the trade, considering the damage and the number of miles she’s racked up.

Me: “Okay, we’ll give you [price] for your car, trading it in on something here. As you can see, even the [corporate] trade-in value for your car, without the damage but due to mileage, is what we’re offering, since you’ve put three years of miles on a car within one year, causing it to depreciate.”

Customer: “That’s okay; I don’t want another of [Our Brand]. I was looking for a [Other Brand] car in a hybrid. One of your people said you could sell me one if I find it.”

Me: “Certainly, if it’s one of our other stores. Have you found one on the Internet at one of those locations?”

Customer: “No, but why can’t you just go over there with me?”

Me: “Well, I don’t know their inventory off the top of my head like I do ours, since we’re all miles apart. I can use our internal vehicle locator to see if we have one, though, since one of our stores is the brand you want.”

Customer: “Oh, okay.”

Me: “Okay, so as you can see, there are seven cars in the model you want but only one that’s a hybrid.”

Customer: “Okay, so can we walk out and go look at this one to see if I like it?”

Me: “This is at our [Other Brand] store. It’s about ten miles from here, but I can call them to see if it’s sold and if not, if I can show it to you, and if you want, we can take something over there for you to look at it.”

Customer: “But I also want [Different Model] in a hybrid. Do you have any of those?”

Me: “Let me look. No, the [Other Brand] store of ours has some of those new, but nothing pre-owned.”

Customer: “Oh, look, here’s one.”

She’s been playing on her phone while I’ve been working on the computer.

Customer: “Can you show me this one?”

Me: “Well, that’s not one of our stores.”

Not only is it another brand, but it’s a store owned by another auto group.

Me: “I have no ability to do that.”

Customer: “Well, aren’t you a car salesman? I’ve never heard of anything so silly as a salesman not wanting to sell a car.”

Me: “And since I don’t work for [Other Auto Group], how exactly could I do that?”

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