Salad, The Universe, And Everything

| Working | January 10, 2016

(With my boss nearby I’m disposing of various food items that have passed their expiration date and then make an observation I just had to question.)

Me: “Ham salad. How is ham a salad? What makes it a salad?”

Boss: “…Mayonnaise?”

Me: “This pasta salad has no mayonnaise, yet it too claims to be a salad! When does something become a salad?”

Boss: “With lettuce.”

Me: “But this pasta salad has no lettuce, nor does this chicken salad! Ham salad, pasta salad, caesar salad, watergate salad. How are they all salads?”

Boss: “Because they’re a mixture of ingredients.”

Me: “So, if I put enough ingredients on a pizza, will that become a salad?”

Boss: “…No.”

Me: “So then what is the definition of a salad? What does it mean to be a salad? These are the questions!”

Boss: *nods* “The questions of life.”

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