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Saints And Sinners And Zombie Killers

| Related | January 31, 2014

(My sister and I are watching ‘Blade II.’ My dad walks into the living room at the moment when Scud makes his first appearance.)

Dad: “Ol’ Daryl Dixon.”

Sister & Me: *in unison* “His name is Norman Reedus.”

Dad: “But he’s still Daryl.”

Me: “But his name is really Norman.”

Sister: “Before he was a zombie slayer, he was a vampire hunter.”

Dad: “No, he was a familiar.”

Me: “Yeah, but he helped Blade hunt vampires, too. And before he was a vampire hunter, he was a saint.”

Dad: “What?”

Sister: “Norman is in The Boondock Saints. That movie we can never get you to watch.”

Me: *nodding* “He’s Murphy McManus.”

Dad: *shakes his head* “You two are obsessed.”

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