Sailing Down The Kessel Run

| Romantic | July 31, 2012

(My friend and I are on a canoe trip. We occasionally pretend to be fake boyfriend and girlfriend to get people off of our backs.)

Me: “This is just so peaceful out here.”

Friend: “Yeah, but this is the perfect moment.”

Me: “For what?”

Friend: “You know, it’s a sense of false security, like when they thought they got rid of the Deathstar, and realized he had another one. It’s like that.”

Me: “So you’re saying we aren’t really peaceful? Or that we need to plan for an attack?”

Friend: “Plan of attack. I can use the paddle like a light-saber, and you can dive down to the bottom of the boat, I’ll protect you.”

Me: “Just because I have boobs you assume I can’t do anything? Even Leia got a gun!”

Friend: “Fine, do you have a gun?”

Me: *dejected sigh* “I’ll be in the bottom of the boat you scruffy-looking nerf-herder.”

Friend: “Who you calling scruffy-lookin’?”

(All this geeky repartee wasn’t for nothing: we actually ended up becoming real boyfriends and girlfriends!)

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