Sadly, You Will Have To Accommodate The Tax

, , , | Right | August 26, 2020

The city I work in has an accommodation tax on all “transient accommodation,” which includes hotel rooms, bed and breakfast rentals, and similar accommodations rented for less than thirty days. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying with us for business or pleasure; you have to pay the tax. 

This tax has been in place for almost two years and we have signs all over at our front desk explaining the tax, as well as a pamphlet the city has published explaining the tax and what it is used for. Still, I have this conversation fairly regularly.

Guest: “What’s this 4% Municipal Tax?”

Me: “Oh, it’s a tax the city has put on all hotel rooms. It goes to help support tourism-related activities.”

Guest: “Well, I’m not a tourist. Can you take it off?”

Me: “No, we are required by law to collect it.”

Guest: “Well, I guess I’ll go somewhere else.”

Me: “Go ahead, but if you’re staying in the city limits, you’re going to be paying the tax.”

The guest leaves and drives to the other hotels. Usually, about thirty minutes later, they come back in.

Guest: “I guess we’ll take the room.”

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