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Sadly This Wins Debates (And Presidencies)

| Learning | April 20, 2017

(We’re working on an assignment in English class where you stand if you agree with a statement and stay sitting if you don’t. We get to a statement where the only person who stands is a bit of a jokester. He makes his argument jokingly.)

Jokester: “…and if all else fails just say wrong a lot.”

Teacher: *weary sigh* “Okay, anyone want to share their answers as to why they don’t agree?”

(Other students share their answers with the jokester saying “wrong!” every few words. It finally gets to me.)

Jokester: “Wrong!”

Me: “Rude!”

Teacher: “[Jokester], one more time and you’re out!”

Jokester: “Fine! Alternative facts!”

Class: *laughs*

Jokester: *screams* “WRONG!”

Teacher: “Outside, we’re going to have a chat!”

(The jokester goes outside and as he walks out he door we catch a glimpse of one of our classmates skipping and crack up. Eventually the teacher gives up and laughs, too. The whole ordeal was so funny that it really made my day.)

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