Sadly, This Type Of Behavior Is The Dorm

, | Friendly | January 25, 2016

(I am living in a dorm with single rooms. They are pretty small, so it’s hard to have more than one person in the room if you have guests. I have a friend of a friend who lives down the hall. We haven’t spoken much but we do know each other.)

Me: *answering a knock on the door* “Hi, [Friend]! What’s up!”

Friend: “Hi! I wanted to ask a favor. I have two friends from high school coming to visit Friday, and I was wondering if one could stay with you.”

(This is a reasonable request since these rooms can barely hold two people.)

Me: “Sure, I guess. I have to get up early Saturday, but I’ll give her the key if she wants to sleep later.”

Friend: “Great! Thanks!”

(Friday night rolls around, about 9:00 pm)

Me: “Hi, [Friend]. Are your friends here yet?”

Friend: “Nope, they got a late start so they won’t be here until a little later. Will you be up?”

Me: “Sure, I’ll be up.”

Friend: “Great! I’ll give them your cell number too, if that’s ok.”

Me: “Sure.”

(Cell phone rings about 11 pm.)

Me: “Hello?”

Girl #1: “Hi! I am [Friend]’s friend. Can you let us into the dorm?”

Me: “Sure, let me come get you.”

(I go down to let them in and take them both up to our floor. I take them to Friend’s room and on the whiteboard on her door is the following message.)

Friend’s Message: “Hi, [Girl #1] and [Girl #2]. I’m asleep so don’t wake me up! See you tomorrow!”

(I am stunned at this point. Not only is this incredibly rude since these girls drove many hours to visit, but now this means that both of them will be staying with me, which is going to be very crowded.)

Me: “Uh, sorry, looks like you both will be with me. It’s going to be tight.”

Girl #1: *sighs* “Yeah, that’s fine.”

Girl #2: “This isn’t the first time she’s done something like this. Sorry we are imposing.”

(We end up all squeezing in to my room and one girl ends up sleeping on the floor with nothing but a sheet and a pillow. My “friend” stopped by later the next day to thank me.)

Me: “Hey, I thought one of your friends would stay with me and the other would stay with you. They seemed pretty disappointed you weren’t there to meet them.”

Friend: “Oh, I knew that you stayed up later so it would be better if they stayed with you. I went bed early so I could work out in the morning. Thanks! Bye!”

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