Sadly, This Is Not A Novel Case Of Ignorance

, , , , | Right | June 30, 2020

I live around the corner from a fairly popular local burger joint that doesn’t have a drive-thru; with the lockdown measures in place, you have to call in your order and pick it up in the parking lot. 

I’m getting lunch there when I witness a car pull up and a man with no mask get out and walk straight towards the doors. All the employees outside move to block him.

Employee: “Sir, you can’t go in. You need to make your order over the phone or use the website, and please wear a mask when we bring it out to you.”

Customer: *Huffily* “Well, I didn’t know!”

He went back to his car. There were two large signs out front stating this policy, AND one taped up in every window. I don’t think a single restaurant on the entire street was allowing people to do anything but order delivery or pick up their food outside.

I’m not sure if the guy was just that ignorant or didn’t care about the measures, because I’ve seen plenty of both since this all started.

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