Sadly These Kinds Of Warnings Are Not Nuts

| Right | December 13, 2016

(I’m working the food demo station at a popular grocery store. The sample of the day is basically a new peanut butter on a cracker. Because of peanut allergies, we have a sign attached to our sneeze guard that says, “Allergy Warning: Contains Nuts.” A customer walks up, reads the sign that says what we’re serving, looks at the sample, then at me.)

Customer #1: “There are peanuts in this! Some people have peanut allergies! You should have a sign warning people with allergies that there are peanuts in this!”

Me: “Yes, we do have an allergy warning right here.” *I point to the sign located right next to the other sign she just read*

Customer #1: “You should have a bigger sign!”

(She walks away without taking a sample. A few minutes later, another customer comes up and reads both signs.)

Customer #2: “‘Contains nuts’? You really need to post this? It’s peanut butter. Of course it contains nuts.”

Me: “You wouldn’t believe it…”

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