Sadly, She’s Allergic To Honesty

, , , | Right | March 27, 2020

(I’m working at a call center that takes overflow calls from a big extermination company. This summer, in particular, is plagued by wasps all over the country, and we have so many calls that we’ve had to hire extra staff to handle the workload. Most of the customers are calling because their home insurance covers household pests, and the more reasonable ones understand that there are wasps everywhere right now and that there is a waiting period. Then, there are the gems like this lady:)

Me: “Welcome to [Extermination Company]; how can I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, hello, I have this huge wasp nest on my verandah and I have a garden party tomorrow. I need someone to come out right away to take care of it.”

Me: “I understand, ma’am. Unfortunately, I have to inform you that, since we’re experiencing an unusually heavy workload right now, the waiting period for an exterminator is approximately one week. Would you like me to put in a work order for you?”

Customer: “That is completely unacceptable! I’m paying for this service! I want your personal guarantee that you’ll have a man out here this afternoon!”

Me: “I’m afraid I can’t do that. I can only put through a rush order if there’s an emergency.”

Customer: “This is an emergency! I have a party tomorrow!”

Me: “Ma’am, by ’emergency’ I mean if there’s a danger to life or limb, like if someone in the household has a wasp allergy or something like that.”

Customer: “YES! My children are deathly allergic to wasps! Send someone over here right away!”

(Well, funny that you didn’t think to mention that before you told me about your precious garden party. Of course, I had to put in a rush order anyway because of the magic word “allergy,” but I made a note about how the call went down and I hope the exterminator assigned to the case gave her a piece of their mind.)

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