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Sadly, Literacy-Vision Glasses Have Yet To Be Invented

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I call this issue “Spouse From Hell Syndrome”. There you are at work, assisting people with their glasses, and a couple comes in with a problem. The wife has the problem, but the husband speaks for her and she doesn’t say a word.

Husband: “There’s something wrong with her glasses; she can’t see with them.”

I smile at the wife.

Me: “Okay. What do you use them for?”

Husband: “She’s meant to use them for reading, but she can’t.”

Me: “Okay. I’ll look them over.”

I check the fit and check the lenses against the prescription given. The husband starts huffing and shifting impatiently.

Me: “Everything looks correct as to the prescription.”

I then whip out a reading card.

Husband: “I already said she can’t read with those. We want some she can read with!”

Me: “Yes, I am working through all the checks I have to make, sir. I want to pinpoint the issue here.”


I ask the wife various questions, but I am drawing a blank all the way! She can see the print perfectly at a distance suitable to read from. Then, I ask her to read out the bottom line. And she can’t.

Because she cannot read. She was never taught.

The irate husband is by now shrieking at me:

Husband: “The ads are misleading! THEY SAY YOU CAN READ CLOSE UP!”

Me: “The true name for reading glasses is ‘near vision glasses’. The words ‘reading glasses’ only apply if the person can already read!”

The man stomped out with his wife in tow. She never said a word.

I had that happen three times in a ten-year career.

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