Sadly Bigotry Never Goes Out Of Style

| Friendly | July 18, 2016

(I am a young girl with a rather odd sense of style. I have half-shaved purple hair, a nose ring, large earrings, and am wearing a large leather trench coat. While waiting for a dressing room at the thrift store I notice a woman glaring at me. Just when a room opens up and I am moving to it she steps in front of me.)

Lady: “Where are your parents?”

Me: “Well, uh, they live in Wisconsin, ma’am. I’m 21.”

Lady: “And they let you dress like that?!”

Me: “I dress myself.”

Lady: *scoffs* “Well, honey, you’re never gonna get a boyfriend or a job like that.”

Me: “Ma’am, I make good money as a welder and I happen to have a girlfriend. Now, I’m just gonna use this room…”

(I move to the room again and again she blocks me.)

Lady: “You’re a disgusting Satanist!”

Me: “Okay, look, lady. I’m a Christian. My dad is a pastor. My grandfathers were both pastors. I probably know the bible better than you. And guess what? My lesbian lover? She’s a pastor! So why don’t you find someone else to hate.”

(The lady seemed thoroughly upset and disgusted and stormed out!)

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