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Sadly, A World Free Of Bigotry Is Just Fan Fiction

, , , | Friendly | January 26, 2020

(I’ve been chatting to someone on a fanfiction site.)

Woman: “This pairing is disgusting. I can’t believe people write that.”

Me: “I absolutely agree. It’s incest and also abusive.”

Woman: “Well, that, too.”

Me: “What do you mean, ‘That, too.’?”

Woman: “They’re men! Sick homo f***s!”

Me: “I’m not sick.”

Woman: “I didn’t say that.”

Me: “Yes, you did.”

Woman: “You’re a homo?”

Me: “I’m bi. And trans.”

Woman: “F*** you, girl.”

Me: “I’m a guy. And I’m no longer talking to a transphobic and homophobic person. Bye.” *block*

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