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A Sad Sample Of Society

, , , | Right | February 1, 2018

(A teenage girl comes in and looks at the ice cream for a while. We only have 16 ice cream flavors at a time. My dad owns the shop.)

Customer: “Can I have more than one sample?”

Me: “Sure.”

Dad: *making a joke he often makes to put people at ease* “You can have up to 16!” *walks away*

(The customer then proceeds to ask for a sample of about 10 of our 16 ice cream flavors, and doesn’t bat an eye as my smile slowly fades. I admit that by then I looked pretty irritated. When she has sampled quite a few, her friends come in.)

Customer #2: “You’re sampling all of them?!”

Customer #1: “They said I could.”

(They both look at me questioningly.)

Me: *in a thoroughly bad mood by now* “Yes, technically. But it is kind of silly.”

Customer #1: “Oh. I didn’t know that. Can I have a sample of [flavor]?”

(She continues to do this until she has tried them all, including vanilla. She and her friends go sit down and wait for their teacher, who is treating them all to whatever they want. After they have all ordered, while they are receiving their dishes of ice cream, the teacher pays. [Customer #1] accepts her medium dish.)

Customer #1: “Can I have some cookie dough pieces on top?”

(It costs 60 cents for a candy, and the teacher has already paid for everyone and sat down.)

Me: “Yes, but you’ll have to pay for it.”

(She didn’t say anything. I added the cookie dough and she went and hit up her teacher for 60 cents.)

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