Rush Out Of The Room From The Mushroom

| Working | September 9, 2015

(My husband and I are ordering at a pizza restaurant.)

Husband: “We’ll take a number four but with no mushrooms.”

Me: “I’m allergic and I like breathing.”

Waitress: “No problem.”

Waitress: *arriving with pizza* “They made it without mushrooms.”

(I find it odd that she says that, considering we don’t see any mushrooms, but I decide to eat it anyway. The following happens about half-way through my first slice.)

Husband: “STOP!” *slaps pizza from my hand* “You have hives all over your throat!”

Me: *grabbing mirror to check* “They must have put mushrooms on it.” *grabs epi-pen from purse while he calls manager*

Husband: “We ordered without mushrooms and we told the waitress she was allergic.”

Manager: “Yeah, so we took them off.”

Husband: “Took them off? As in they were on here and then you removed them?”

Manager: “Yes, we forgot and made it with mushrooms but we got them all off.”

(I am now ready to head to the ER.)

Manager: “Stop! You have to pay!”

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