Runs In Both Families

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(My parents are the first to visit me after I give birth to my son.)

Mum: “Ooh, he’s gorgeous. Have you chosen a name yet?”

Me: “Yes. His first name is [Son] and his second name is [My Dad].”

Dad: “Oh, how original. Do you know how many of your cousins have that as their second name? Oh, and your brother, too. Why don’t you just use [Husband]’s father’s name? He might like to have a grandson named after him.”

Me: “Okay, I will name him after [Husband]’s father if that will make you happy.”

(I can see my Mum biting her lip in an effort not to laugh.)

Dad: “Good. So, what is his name now?”

Me: “[Son] [My Dad], same name as before.”

Dad: “No, you haven’t changed it; you need to use [Father-In-Law’s abbreviated name]… Ohhhh. I’m a bit slow today, aren’t I?”

Mum: *bursts out laughing* “More than a bit! Did you forget you and [Father-In-Law] have the same name?”

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