Running Out On Your Check Does Not Clear You From Jury Duty

, , , | Right | January 22, 2019

(I am a seventeen-year-old waitress and barista at a cafe. I have recently begun to work in the kitchen due to severe understaffing. Our only chef is the owner, and during busy times, I am called in while waitressing in order to help get orders out. Today is the final day of Spring Break and I am waiting five tables, and I have been called into the kitchen, as well, to help orders. I am working as hard as I can. I get a table of two who are in a hurry due to jury duty. I inform them that the kitchen is a little backed up and orders may take a while. I get their drinks very quickly and put their order in as soon as possible; however, I have also inputted three other tables’ orders along with theirs. I go into the kitchen to work with the food.)

Husband: *when I come out to check tables, fifteen minutes after their order has been placed* “Excuse me. We are going to be late for jury duty. Where is our food?”

(They have only been here for about twenty minutes.)

Me: “It’s currently being made; however, as I told you, there’s a delay in the kitchen. Can I get you any refills on drinks?”

(They have drained their drinks.)

Husband: “Is it being brought out right now?” *becoming angrier* “We need our food. We’re going to be late.”

Me: “Let me check.”

(The owner is knee-deep in orders and I have to pop in to check on the salad. Our weekly food order has been delivered so there are boxes COVERING the walkway from the dish area to the kitchen. I see that she has the lettuce put down and ingredients out.)

Me: *returning to the table* “She is plating them right now. Would you like it boxed to go?”

Husband: “It’s too late now! We can’t bring food into court!”

Me: “I’m sorry about that. I’ll take the food off the bill and bring over the check for drinks.”

(The usual wait on food is about fifteen minutes. Their food is not late, and they were warned, so I am reluctant to discount their expensive drinks. I go over to the POS within sight of them and print out their check, and bring it to them.)

Me: “I’m so sorry about that. Are you sure you don’t want to see if there’s anything you’d like to go?”

Husband: *irate* “It’s too late now!”

(They got up and left without paying the bill, which was about $7. It doesn’t seem like much but our typical checks are $15 to $20 because we’re pretty inexpensive, and I really do need the tips. I told the owner, and she was frustrated. However, my other tables were very kind, I got their food out within twenty minutes of their orders being placed, and they gave me big tips. My mother pointed out later in the day that I could have called the police on them, since I knew they were at the city court about five minutes away!)

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