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Running Out Of Ram

, , , , , | Friendly | June 23, 2018

(I am the customer, standing in line at the checkout. The next thing I know I get rammed really hard by a grocery cart from an elderly customer that comes up behind me.)

Me: “Excuse me. Please be more careful and don’t do that again.”

Customer: “MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!” *rams me again*

Me: *loudly* “You need to stop that now!

Customer: “Move! Go faster! I don’t have time to waste waiting for your a** to get checked out!” *rams me yet again*

Me: *grabbing her cart so she can’t hit me again, I lean in, giving her my nastiest look* “If you hit me with your cart again, I am going to take all of your groceries and shove them right up your a**!”

(The customer looks a little frightened, then huffs and stalks off.)

Cashier: “WOW!”

Me: “I know. That was unbelievable, wasn’t it?”

Cashier: “She comes in here at least once a week and does the same thing to whoever is in front of her; you are the first one to ever stand up to her!”

Me: “I guess she will think twice about ramming someone with her cart again.”

Question of the Week

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