Running Away Runs In Their Blood

, , , , | Learning | September 21, 2017

I took a zoology course in college and ended up with a very unique and laid-back professor.

He started the laboratory portion of our class with a story told to him by his own college professor about why we should follow lab protocols (closed-toed shoes, no food in the lab, tying back long hair, etc).

In the story, there was a young female student taking biology, and the lab section involved dissection of bullfrogs. These were semi-fresh dissection subjects and had minimal preservation (blood was still present and tissue was still… squishy). She had long, blonde hair, worn loose, and she was wearing a cream cashmere sweater. In the midst of the dissection with her lab partner, she leaned over the tray with the partially dissected frog on it, and her hair trailed through the blood. Her lab partner pointed it out to her and the student started screaming.

She stood up quickly and her hair slapped onto her face, which made her scream more, as she started shaking her head in a panicked attempt to get the blood off. The shaking spread blood-spatter down her cashmere sweater, and the situation continued to get worse.

Before the professor could intervene, she ran out of the lab and down the hall shrieking, and the other professors started poking their heads out. From their perspective, there was a highly distressed young lady covered in blood running down the hallway, so the police were called and it was a gigantic mess…

Amidst snickers, my class agreed that we would follow the lab protocols (and if we didn’t, we wouldn’t run out of the lab screaming bloody murder.)

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