Running Afowl Of The Customer

| Working | October 24, 2012

(I am a vegetarian for very specific health reasons. I am out for supper to a popular Italian restaurant with friends and family. I know what I want to eat, but the waiter is pushing a special on fettuccine alfredo).

My Sister: “Doesn’t the alfredo you make here have chicken stock in it?”

Waiter: *rolls eyes* “Good Lord, no; it’s ALFREDO! It’s vegetarian.”

Me: “Well, if you’re sure, then I’ll try it.”

Waiter: “GOD, it’s alfredo! Cream sauce, you know? You’ll like it.”

(My sister orders one too, and hers arrives before mine. She takes a bite.)

My Sister: “It’s delicious, but you won’t want to eat it. It has chicken stock in it.”

Waiter: “IT DOES NOT!”

Me: “Could you just go ask the cook? Please?”

Waiter: “FINE!”

(We don’t see the waiter for at least 15 minutes. When he returns, he sheepishly takes my plate.)

Waiter: “Can I get you the pesto? On the house?”

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