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Running Afowl Of The Customer, Part 2

, | Working | January 19, 2013

Me: “Hi. I would like three pieces of extra crispy chicken only, white meat.”

Cashier: “What kind of sides would you like with that?”

Me: “Just the chicken. No meal. No side. Chicken only.”

Cashier: “What kind of chicken would you like?”

Me: “White meat.”

Cashier: *rolls her eyes* “No… do you want regular, barbecue, extra crispy?”

Me: “Extra crispy.”

(She rings me up and it comes up at the full meal price.)

Me: “Is that the full meal price?”

Cashier: “Yes. Isn’t that what you want?”

Me: “I wanted the chicken only. No meal. No sides.”

Cashier: *loudly* “WELL, YOU HAVE TO TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT! I’m not a mind reader!”

(She boxes up the chicken. I take it back to work with me only to open the box and find she still gave me dark meat!)

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