Rule Of Thumb: Explain The Rules Better

, , , , | Working | August 18, 2020

This happens on my second day of work. I am seventeen and this is my first job.

Assistant Manager: “You’re going to be working from this section all the way to the end. When you’re straightening the shelves, just follow The Rule Of Thumb.”

I stare at him with wide eyes, blinking a few times.

Me: “Um… I’m sorry… What?”

Assistant Manager: *Sighs in annoyance* “Really? You don’t know the Rule of Thumb?!”

Me: “I know one Rule of Thumb and I don’t think it really applies here.”

Assistant Manager: “And what’s that?”

Me: “Don’t beat your wife with anything thicker than your thumb.”

I have been reading a lot of medieval stuff and that was in there.

Assistant Manager: “No… That won’t apply here.”

If anyone is curious about his Rule of Thumb, all it is is pulling products to the edge of the shelf. You put your thumb against the edge to make sure the product doesn’t hang over the edge.

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