Ruining Their Goodwill

, , , | Right | June 2, 2017

(I work in a store that specializes in reselling used, vintage, and high end products. This leads to many people trying to sell us their used junk that they either do not know is worthless, or are trying to con us into buying. I’m working in my office when I see a customer come in with an old and used product in his hand. I overhear him trying to strong-arm my coworker into buying the item from him. My coworker and I are both proficiently knowledgeable in our field.)

Customer: “Hey, man, this is a one-of-a-kind item! You’ll never find anything like this! You have to buy it from me!”

Coworker: “Well… It’s just, that isn’t something we’d be able to sell.”

Customer: “Trust me, your boss will be mad if you let me leave without you buying this! You’d have to be an idiot to let this go! It’s been in my family for generations and is a priceless antique. You need to buy this!”

Coworker: “Well, what were you looking to sell it for?”

Customer: “This? Are you kidding? It’s got to be worth at least $1,500! I mean, I told you, it’s a vintage, one-of-a-kind piece! You’ll never see one of these again.”

(At this point, I can see the item in the customer’s hand over the security feed and I know it’s not worth more than maybe a few hundred dollars from first glance. Surely not as much as the customer is claiming. So I walk up front to intervene.)

Me: “Hey, do you guys need any help up here?”

Customer: “Oh, yes! A woman will be able to tell how priceless this item is! Can’t you see how exquisite the details are on this?! It’s worth at least $2,000!”

Me: “And, I couldn’t help but overhear; did you say this has been in your family for generations?”

Customer: “Yes! Very priceless heirloom!”

Me: “Huh… That’s funny. I’m pretty sure I saw this exact item at Goodwill the other day when I was browsing. Look, it even has the small mark on the back where they had the price sticker!”

Customer: “How dare you! This is an antique! It is worth thousands of dollars! You know nothing, you ignorant little cow! What could a woman possibly know about something as valuable as this!”

Me: “Sir, the detailing that you are mentioning is actually a decal, as we can see by the corners where it is beginning to peel off, and is not in fact the level of craftsmanship you’re trying to make us believe. Not only that, but this particular model only came out about 20 years ago, and it was a knock-off version of a very expensive model from around 80 years ago. I know this based on the misspelling of the brand name pictured on the front. With all that taken into consideration, this item would have been worth about $200. However, it has been damaged profusely and not taken care of, which is probably why someone simply donated it to Goodwill, as you could only expect to get about $30 for this particular item in its current state.”

(By this point other customers have begun to watch the exchange.)

Me: “Now, is there anything else I can help you with today?”

(And with that the customer stormed out, thankfully never to be seen again in our store.)

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