Rudeness Scores A Ten

, , , , | Right | June 18, 2018

(At my office, we have a ten-minute late policy that we can be lenient on, but we usually aren’t if we are very booked. Today is one of those days.)

Customer: *calls in* “Hi. I am running a little behind; my mother’s car broke down.”

Me: “Okay, thanks for letting me know, but just so you know, we do have a ten-minute late policy; if you are more than ten minutes late we are going to have to reschedule your appointment.”

Customer: “But it’s not my fault; I’m not going to leave my mother out here alone.”

Me: “I understand, but we still keep the policy because we have other patients to see, as well.”

Customer: “Well, I’m not going to leave her alone out here.”

Me: “I understand, but like I said, if you are more than ten minutes late we will have to reschedule.”

Customer: “I don’t think you do understand; can’t you be a little lenient?”

Me: “Unfortunately, no. We have a heavy schedule today and we can’t budge on our policy.”

Customer: “Fine.” *hangs up*

(She shows up with only a few minutes to spare; luckily I am not the one who checks her in, but I overhear what she says.)

Customer: “The person we talked to on the phone was very rude.”

Coworker: “I don’t remember anyone being rude.”

Customer: “Well, they were, and I had to break all the laws to get here on time.”

(Next time just cancel your appointment; no one is forcing you to be here.)

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