Roundup: Top 5 Funny (But Not So Romantic) Things Lovers Say To Each Other

Not Always Romantic | Romantic | February 12, 2012

Lovers’ conversations can be anything but loving. Below are the top 5 funny—but not so romantic things that lovers have said to each other, from actual Not Always Romantic submissions (click on the link to read the full story!).

  1. A girlfriend, commenting on her boyfriend’s hole-y shirt:
    “You look like you’re a hobo. Possibly one that got in a fight with a possum. That you lost.”

  2. A boyfriend, teasing his girlfriend after she comments that he’s been on the toilet for 45 minutes:
    “I named [my poo] after you. Want to give it a proper send off?”

  3. An exasperated fiancee, trying to get her inattentive fiance’s attention:
    “I will slap your mother with a fish, murder your puppy, and leave you in the forest to die with Cujo and the Littlest Hobo!”

  4. A boyfriend, responding to his girlfriend who has just peed on herself by sneezing too hard:
    “You know it’s love when you offer to help someone who peed on themselves.”

  5. A girlfriend, expressing to her boyfriend how much she loves him:
    “I love you more than any boat has ever loved an anchor!”
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