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Rounding Up To Face Them Down

, , , | Right | October 30, 2019

(In Canada, we no longer produce or circulate one-cent coins; the five-cent piece is the smallest. Whenever people pay cash, the total is rounded up or down so that the last number is a zero or a five. In this example, since the last digit is three, the price is rounded up to five.)

Customer: “Two small coffees, please.”

Me: “Great! Your total is $3.13.”

(The customer hands me $3.10.)

Me: “Sir, I need five more cents.”

Customer: *while rooting through his pockets for change* “This rounding up thing is such bulls***, and you can tell the management I said so!”

Me: “You might want to try telling the government.”

Customer: “You can tell them, too!”

(People have complained to me about decisions my company has made, but never the federal government’s until today!)

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