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Rotate Your Tires And Your Assistants

, , , , , | Working | April 20, 2020

Recently, I had all four tires changed on my car. This was due to general wear and tear. I had done my research on the brand and went to my nearest garage to have them fitted. Upon phoning, I was told that I did not need to preorder as they always kept that brand in stock.

A few weeks later, my back tire began to slowly deflate. I found a nail in the tire, and as there was construction near my workplace, I realised I needed a new tire. It sucked, but it was no one’s fault — apart from the construction site, and I did phone to let them know.

I journeyed to the garage to get my back tire replaced. Instantly, the assistant told me that they did not sell the type of tires I wanted, and instead tried to upsell me on several options — a good £50 more than my brand. I was told over and over that they just didn’t sell my brand.

Confused, I asked to speak to the manager only to be told he was at another location. Unable to get through to the guy, and combined with the fact I could physically see the tires I wanted through the window, I decided to Google the other mechanic and speak to the manager directly.

As soon as I greeted the manager, the assistant wildly began typing and claimed to have found a deal on this brand, and that he had miraculously found some in the “warehouse.”

I turned my back and left, speaking to the manager as I went. He was furious and offered to replace my back tire for a severely discounted rate, which I took him up on the next day.

The assistant was not there when I went back.

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