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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Eggs Are (Not) Yellow

| Right | September 17, 2011

(Our store makes breakfast sandwiches in the morning. One of them being a simple bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.)

Customer: “Hi, my mom bought a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich just five minutes ago, but she wants a new one because there’s something wrong with the egg.”

Me: “Oh, I’m very sorry about that! What was wrong with it?”

Customer: *holds up the sandwich* “There’s white stuff in it.”

Me: “White stuff? You mean this?” *points at egg whites*

Customer: “Yeah, that’s it.”

Me: “That’s just the white of the eggs. It’s nothing to worry about.”

Customer: “Eggs aren’t white. They’re yellow like the eggs at McDonald’s.”

Me: “McDonald’s eggs are different. We actually take the time to crack open real eggs to make our sandwiches. Sometimes, the white of the egg shows through with the yolk when we scramble them.”

Customer: “I’m not stupid! Eggs don’t have white! They’re all yellow!”

Me: Haven’t you ever made scrambled eggs before? Or hardboiled an egg?”

Customer: “Eggs are yellow!”

(I tell the cook, who shakes his head and remakes the sandwich with the egg mixed as uniformly yellow as he could manage.)

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