Rose To The Occasion

| Romantic | September 10, 2013

(My boyfriend and I are discussing an approaching Valentine’s Day. After we make date plans, we start talking about our previous experiences on Valentine’s Day.)

Me: “I don’t really have any. In high school I hardly ever had a boyfriend, and the one time I did he got me a teddy bear. I felt so terrible because, I was already planning on breaking up with him. How about you?”

Boyfriend: “I didn’t date in high school. I didn’t really see the point if it. But on Valentine’s Day, I would buy two dozen roses and randomly pass them out to girls who didn’t get anything.”

Me: “That… that is the most romantic thing I have ever heard!”

Boyfriend: “Yeah but I’m not getting you flowers this year. We already finalized the plans and they do not include flowers.”

Me: “Jerk…”

Boyfriend: “At least I’m a romantic jerk.”

(After our date, I found a vase of roses in my dorm room. He had bought them ahead of time and asked my roommate to hide them so I wouldn’t see them until I got home. After five years he is still the most romantic jerk I’ve ever known.)

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