Roommate Represent

| Boston, MA, USA | Friendly | August 18, 2014

(I’m sitting around with my two roommates and another friend of ours.)

Friend: “Your apartment is so diverse; it’s like a Logo sitcom up here!”

Roommate #1: “Yup!”

Friend: “I mean, you’ve got a straight white chick, a bi Hispanic chick, and a trans Asian chick. All you need is a black lesbian!”

Roommate #2: “Well, [Female Cat] is gay, and she’s solid black.”

Me: “And [Male Cat] is neutered, so that makes him a eunuch.”

Roommate #1: “We should totally pitch it as a pilot.”

Roommate #2: “Except we never do anything very interesting.”

Everyone: “Oh… right…” *pause* “Sooo… which bad movie are we watching?”

(We may not be TV-worthy, but I’ve never had a better set of roommates!)

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