A Room To Keep Your Delicates

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(I’m a babysitter and my latest child, who’s six, likes to hide things. There happens to be a pile of laundry on the sofa.)

Me: “Where are the keys?”

Child: “I don’t know.”

Me: “Keys.”

Child: “Look around.”

(It goes back and forth until…)

Child: “I put it in the panty.”

(I go directly to the clothes pile.)

Child: “Why are you looking in the clothes?”

Me: “All right, which bedroom?”

Child: “I told you, in the panty! Go look in the panty!”

(I go check all the bedrooms, find nothing, and go back downstairs.)

Child: “I told you to look in the panty; you don’t look in panty! Silly!”

Me: “Enough! Just take me there.”

(The child stares at me, then pulls me over to the little room next to the kitchen and opens the door.)

Me: “Oh! You meant ‘pantry’!”

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