Romantic Twin-kle

| Romantic | March 6, 2013

(I’m meeting my boyfriend, his identical twin, and a group of our friends out for dinner. When I arrive, there is only one seat left, next to one of the twins. It’s extremely hard to tell the twins apart. I go to pull out my seat when the twin sitting next to me stands to pull it out for me.)

Twin: “Here you go.”

Me: “Okay, I might be special but I’m not that special. My boyfriend couldn’t even save me a seat, and I have to sit next to his brother?”

(Everyone looks at me like I’m crazy as I stare at my boyfriend who is sitting across the table from where I am going to sit. After a second the twins switch spots and my boyfriend places a kiss on my cheek when we take our seats.)

Friend #1: “How did you know it was [brother], not [boyfriend]?”

Friend #2: “Yeah, I was calling them the wrong names until you got here.”

Friend #3: “How did you do that?”

Me: “Because [boyfriend] wouldn’t pull out my chair for me. He’s too big of an a**hole.”

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