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Romantic Lines Of Convergence

| Romantic | June 13, 2016

(When I was younger I was very anti-establishment. I organised and attended marches and protests about all sorts of causes and was generally very left wing and a bit of a hippy. My husband on the other hand was very conservative when he was younger, loved rules and order and joined the army. We still disagree on lots of issues but we are now less adamant about our opinions. The following happens after I tell him one of my stories about shenanigans I got up to in college.)

Husband: “I’m so glad you don’t do that sort of thing anymore.”

Me: “Ah, it was fun! I’m so glad we didn’t meet until we were in our thirties. We would have hated each other.”

Husband: “I would have definitely hated you!”

Me: “And I would have definitely hated you!”

Him: “Thank God you’ve become less of a ‘dirty hippy’ as you got older.”

Me: “Haha, definitely. Now I’m working for the man and everything. And what about you? I bet you never thought back then you’d be having a transgender person over to dinner!”

Him: “Hey, none of my business what way other people want to live.”

Me: “Maybe we’ll keep going. Maybe by the time I retire I’ll be like ‘kill the gays!’ And you’ll be sitting there smoking dope with long hair saying ‘chillax dude.’”

Husband: “I’d never say ‘chillax!’”

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