Romance Is Dead(pool)

| Romantic | February 5, 2016

(My husband never does anything for Valentine’s Day. The only times I’ve even gotten gifts, he’s run out the day of to buy me last minute things when he realized I got him stuff. He works on Sundays with Mondays off; he also has a teenage son who lives with us and is a major Deadpool fan, while I am not. My husband and stepson have been looking forward to the new Deadpool movie release on February 12th for months.)

Husband: *randomly* “Oh, I took February 12th and 14th off of work.” *meaning he’d have a 4-day weekend*

Me: *pleasantly surprised* “Okay!”

Husband: “It’s the closest weekend to [Son]’s birthday.”

Me: *crashing back to reality* “Oh. Yes, it is. Not where I thought you were going with that, but yes, it is.”

Husband: *smiling* “Don’t worry, we can make it a Deadpool weekend, too!”

Me: “…”

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