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Roll Twenty For Romantic Gesture

| Romantic | March 26, 2017

(My significant other and I are travelling together and have a three-hour layover in Minneapolis, to our chagrin. Nervous about the stricter carry-on policy of our next flight, he’s splitting up his things and I offer to throw some of his stuff in my carry-on. He hands me his binder for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that he has been preparing for, which I am participating in. This is a very well-protected binder, as he has been preparing this campaign for many months, and it’s a running joke that I’ll steal its secrets when he is unaware.)

Me: “You’re giving me the secret binder of secrets!?”

Husband: “Well, yeah. I trust you.”

Me: *totally overwhelmed* “That’s… that’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever said to me!”

Husband: “There’s not a lot in there that would make sense out of context anyways.”

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