Rocking On After Christmas

, , , | Right | December 26, 2018

(After Christmas, we have a huge amount of extra, outdated marketing, holiday trash, and used palettes in the back room. I assign two employees to sort through it, setting aside anything recyclable, and to pile up the palettes near the loading dock for pickup. It’s a nice day, so they have the doors to the loading dock open and classic rock playing. A customer comes up to me on the sales floor, completely irate.)

Customer: “Excuse me. The boys in the back room are playing offensive rock music. As a Christian, I am so offended! You should fire them!”

Me: “I’ll look into it. Where could you hear the music?”

Customer: “By the doors!”

Me: “The doors to the loading dock?”

Customer: “Yes!”

Me: “Sir, that area is behind a gate, off-limits to customers.”

Customer: “Oh, that was what they said, too!”

Me: “Let me look into this for you.”

(I head to the back and talk to my employees. The guy had squeezed through the chained gate and had snuck through the back doors when the back room employees caught him. He said he was trying to take the palettes from the back room, and had gotten angry when he was told to leave. He hadn’t mentioned the music to them, which was at a moderate level. The man had left the store by the time I finished talking to the employees, so I filled in security and gave a description of the man. I was still in the store after close, along with one security guard, who suddenly glanced at the cameras and sprung to action. A man had squeezed through the chained gate again and was trying to jimmy open the back doors — security cameras caught him in the act of forcing the lock. It was the previous music complainer! This taught me to take customer complaints with a grain of salt. Had I taken a music complaint at face value, I might not have caught a would-be thief!)

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