Road Reason

, | Hopeless | November 20, 2016

(The street I live on is not really built for high speeds. Cars are often parked on both sides, especially the part I live on, there are a couple of bends that are awkward to see around, and a few junctions concealed by parked cars. Still, you get the idiots who think they’re invincible and can do 40 mph in a narrow, built-up area. I am getting out of my own car when one of these drivers comes pelting down the road, only to have to slam his brakes on to avoid an oncoming car. The driver who is nearly hit rolls down his window, and slowly moves into a gap between parked cars to be level with the speeding guy. I expect a full-on row. Instead I hear this:)

Driver #1: “Mate, how fast were you going down there, then?”

Driver #2: “What?”

Driver #1: “How fast were you going?”

Driver #2: “Don’t know. Wasn’t speeding, was I?”

Driver #1: “Yeah, you were, actually. And you’ve got a kid in the car. You’ve got to be more responsible, mate. Drive like that on your own if you don’t care about crashing, but not with your son in the car. All right, mate? You’ve got to look after your kid.”

(The second driver looked like he’d just been told off by his mother. He gave a “thank you” gesture, which the first driver returned, and they went off on their way. If road-rage could be turned into that kind of conversation it will be a lot more productive! Hopefully the speeding dad learnt something and started being more responsible.)

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