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Rise And Shine And Seethe

, , , | Working | September 14, 2020

Recently, I have been getting a lot of calls from telemarketers. This one has called me a total of four times, every time early in the morning.

I’m sleeping and my phone starts to vibrate on my nightstand.

Me: “[My Name].”

The telemarketer starts his spiel. I hang up and try going back to sleep. My phone starts vibrating and it’s the same number, so I answer with the intention of giving him a piece of my mind, but instead, the telemarketer manages to speak first.

Telemarketer: “Hello again. It seems we got disconnected—”

Me: “Actually, I hung up as I want to sleep. I don’t want your magazine; don’t call again!”

I hang up.

The next morning, a Friday, my phone wakes me up again. I try to answer, but the caller hangs up immediately. I forget the call for the time being.

On Monday, my phone vibrates again.

Me: “[My Name].”

The telemarketer starts his spiel once again, not even bothering to check who he’s talking to.

I start raising my voice with every word after the second “No,” as the first two have no effect.


The telemarketer speaks with the most irritatingly sneering tone I have ever heard.

Telemarketer: “There’s no need to yell.”

Me: “I wouldn’t have had to had you just listened to when I first said, ‘No!’”

I give him a piece of my mind, asking why he won’t just leave me alone already. He replies that I can always end the call myself; note that this is definitely the same guy that immediately called me back the first time I hung up on him.

Me: “…also I was sleeping and I want to get back to sleep as soon as possible!”

Telemarketer: “Well, that’s your own fault for keeping your phone on!”

Me: “I want to talk to your supervisor.”

Telemarketer: “I am alone here.”

Me: “I hear someone’s voice in the background.”

Telemarketer: “That’s my coworker.”

Me: “So, you are telling me that you and your coworkers are working without a supervisor?”

Telemarketer: “Yes.”

Me: “What’s your name?”

Telemarketer: “[Telemarketer].”

Me: “You’ll be hearing from me very soon.”

The telemarketers used to hide their caller IDs but have since stopped doing it as people stopped answering calls with the ID hidden, meaning I was able to track down the company’s contact info. I also realised he had called me a total of four times over the course of three consecutive banking days. I managed to figure out which branch he worked at, and I called the branch manager.

The manager was not pleased when I recounted the events, mentioning how I’d made it quite clear the first time around that I did not want them to call me again. By calling four times in three days, they were, in fact, harassing me.

This was over a month ago now and they haven’t called me again.

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