Ripping Through That Transaction

, , , | Right | March 13, 2020

(A little boy comes up to my register and throws down a box that contains some sort of a Lego game set.)

Boy: “Can you tell me how much this is?”

Me: “It’s [price].”

Boy: “Oh. Okay. Can I rip it?”

Me: “No, you can’t rip it unless you’re gonna buy it.”

Boy: “Well, I am gonna buy it. I’m just waiting for my mom.”

Me: “Well, why don’t you take this and go find your mom and ask her if you can get it?”

Boy: “Okay!” *scurries off to find his mom*

(A few minutes later, he and his mother return as I’m helping other customers. The boy, ignoring the stuff belonging to the customers in front of me, THROWS the box onto the counter excitedly.)

Mother: “You have to wait, sweetie. She’s helping other people right now.”

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