Ripe For A Scolding

| Related | March 10, 2015

(My mum loves bananas. One day, she bought a bunch of unripe greenish yellow ones that were on the verge of ripening, so that she could enjoy them a couple of days later. She threaded a strung between the bananas and hung the bunch up where she could see them every day. One week passed and the bananas remained green.)

Mum: *complaining to me* “I bought these a week ago and they are still green! I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting and they haven’t changed colour at all!”

Me: *trying to be funny* “Don’t complain to me. Go scold them.”

Mum: *taking the bunch of bananas and spinning them around* “You stupid things! I’ve waited a week! You’d better ripen and let me eat you, OR ELSE!”

(Amazingly, the all the bananas turned yellow a few hours later, and  they were perfectly ripened and delicious.)

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