Ringing Up And Ringing True

, , , | Hopeless | April 11, 2016

(I work at a big box retailer and am cashiering at the express lane. A man comes up with a few items and an older woman puts her items behind them.)

Older Customer: “You can just ring mine with his!” *they both laugh*

Customer: “I like to do that at restaurants; I’ll pick a random couple and pay for their meal but I always make sure they don’t tell them until I’m gone.”

(At this point the man winks at me as the older woman keeps talking, and starts stealthily moving her items up so I can scan them. He has already put in his debit card and put his own groceries in his basket. He tells the older woman to have a good night and goes about his night. After finishing her transaction I handed her the receipt without her paying.)

Older Customer: “Did he… Oh, wow, he did?! I’m having surgery tomorrow and I had to get some last minute things I really can’t afford but I needed. That was amazing; men like him restore my faith in humanity!”

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